Umbria Blues is one of the most important national blues festivals, ranging from traditional blues to modern influences mixed with rock and jazz. 

The festival aims to spread the knowledge of this musical genre, originated by the African-American population of the deep south of the United States in the late 1900s and evolved to the modern form over the years through the influence of the culture of the United States and later England. 

The central theme of the festival is the guitar, the first instrument that gave shape to the traditional and simple musical structures of the blues, together with the African American choirs, and then evolved, with the fusion of soul, funk and jazz elements, into the blues of today. 

The festival also offers opportunities for interaction with artists thanks to specialization Masterclasses, opportunities for exchange and cultural encounter. 

The festival takes place in Foligno (PG) in the heart of green Umbria, offering visitors to the region the opportunity to combine music with tourist and culinary itineraries. 

The usual location of the Festival is the precious Renaissance Auditotium della Musica di Foligno, but for this edition, to better adapt to the prevention and safety of the spectators, it will take place outdoors in the spectacular courtyard of Palazzo Trinci.

Please visit our page "Programma" for the artist schedule of the current edition or contact us and we can respond in English for any further information.